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Mysteries of Amazon Rainforest

Shocking Mysteries of Amazon Rainforest

Mysteries of Amazon Rainforest
If you looking for mysteries in South America then the Amazon rainforest in is a place where the line between reality and fiction appears to obscure, although as geologists, researchers and scientists respectfully investigate deeper and further into this mysterious jungle, some of its most outrageous myths are seems to be true. Stories of a boiling river, for instance, have abounded for decades, and while many people ignore the idea as mere folklore, a well known geophysicist Andrés Ruzo of Peru has in fact been analyzing this apparent unusual behavior of nature since locating it in year 2011.
Mysteries of Amazon Rainforest
Speaking to IFL Science and medicine, Ruzo take a firm stand that he did not “discover” the mysterious river, which has in fact been known about by Amazonian peoples for centuries, yet somehow has never been officially recognized and mapped. While many unsolved questions still remain as to the cause of this incredible physical process, Andrés Ruzo’s work has finally begun to unfold some of its mysteries and secrets.
Naturally, hot water sources are nothing new and boiling water phenomena can be found across the world in places like Iceland and Yosemite etc. However, these features are commonly located in close to volcanoes, yet Peru’s boiling river is more than 400 miles from the nearest volcanic center.
Describing the river, which commonly known by locals as Shanay-timpishka – meaning “boiled with the heat of the Sun” – Andrés Ruzo explains that “the most amazing thing about it is its size. After all, you don’t necessarily need a volcano for a hot spring, but when there aren’t volcanoes nearby, they’re not normally this big.”

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