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Teamwork in the office

Finance Jobs in USA

Teamwork in the office

Role: Corporate International Manager Finance Jobs in USA

Salary: $62k – $70,k

Location: Dallas, TX

We are a Global Operations team that is working in Corporate Finance by increasing the revenue for all clients. You duties will be in general finance such as squad development, process improvements, research, investigation, and formation monthly entries for bills. You position is a key billing connection for the operation team and Corporate Finance in areas of inquiry support, billing training, client billing research, internal controls, client set-up in various systems and pricing changes.

Maintain customer –specific and global billing
Reconcile shopper contract data
Developing solutions
Collaborate with global team
Guarantee valid fee entrees

Identify all issues related to billing
Education Requirements:
Bachelors Degree or authorized experience, proven skills, training and basic education
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