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Democratic Presidential Candidates for 2016
Democratic nomination for President of US in 2016

Democratic Presidential Candidates for 2016

It’s a motivating time for Democrats in American because the donkeys alienate everyone across the political range. However George W. Bush was the least admired presidents in US history and momentum of the party might have expected to enjoy in the coming presidential election. Most of the potential voters were dissatisfied with the ultimate choice. Barack Obama as the earliest African-American President is no more admired among the electorate because many of the party leaders condemning him for his election slogan “hope and change”.

In last election Obama won reelection persuasively but this time it’s really hard for Republicans to win with that much ease because Americans are not ready to forgive and forget the GOP.

Right now there are two main candidates that are running their campaigns as Democratic Presidential Candidates for 2016 US general elections. These two candidates are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton

With decades of relevant experience and 7 years in white house as First Lady Hillary Clinton is without doubt a strong candidate for this time. Hillary Clinton has gained repute as Democrats super start and the next strongest candidate for the position of President of US in 2016 US elections. She also holds a firm feminine support as she is going to be the first female President in history of American politics if she hit the stage this time. According to many surveys the wife of 42nd president of US is in a strong position to beat a crowd of Republicans Presidential Candidates.


Bernie Sanders

With many reservations and slightly low on profile as compared with lady Clinton Bernie Sanders is also a tough candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of US in 2016 presidential election. Bernie Sanders is minority’s favorite leader and known for his pro active problem solving skills. Due to his clear views about U.S. foreign policy he is famous among the youngsters and has a good support from young blood of America. Bernie Sanders is considered as brave politician and restless activist with lots of positive potential.

It’s too premature to give any prediction about the result of the struggle for the Democrats. Some variables can give us a guess that Hillary Clinton will not counted out in this 2016 Presidential Elections.

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