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14 Ways To Be A Better Kisser

14 Ways To Be A Better Kisser

Kissing is fun – there’s no doubt about that. But some of us are more deft with our lips than others, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we’re all unaware of what we’re doing in the moment, and there’s always room to improve. Here are some tips to make sure that your smooch game is as seductive as ever.

1. Eat gum, brush you teeth, and stay hydrated, put lip balm that tastes good. And don’t smoke before, please.

2. Start off slow, and then build up to more passionate, intense kisses. Starting off intense can be overwhelming, and it builds zero anticipation.

3. Try not to open your eyes a ton. Some eye contact can be intense and sexy, but most of the time, it’s pretty creepy. If you stop and look someone in the eyes it’s hot. If you keep your eyes open the majority of a makeup sesh, not cool.

4. Don’t wear lip gloss. It’s sticky, can get stuck on guys’ skin and hair, and turn you lips into a gluey, gummy monster. And also make them look super feminine when you’re done kissing. If you don’t want a guy that rocks magenta gloss, keep yours on the DL.

5. Instead, try using a basic balm contains cinnamon oil. It will naturally plump up your lips and give you a Kylie effect without dressing your date in makeup as well.

6. Use your hands wisely, either grab their hair or their head in a passionate embrace, behind the neck, or tracing some biceps. Make sure your hands aren’t just limp, it’s awkward. So do something with them!

7. Don’t make the other person gasp for breath – fish kissing isn’t ok. If you can tell that they can’t breathe, or are struggling too, chill on the gaping fish mouth!

8. Incessant pecking is the worst. Feels like you’re a baby bird and the other person is feeding you.

9. Relax your jaw and your mouth, because if you don’t your lips are hard and not fun to kiss. Ouch, keep those babies relaxed so they’re soft and pillowy, not tight-lipped.

10. Play with upper lip and lower lip variations. Kiss their bottom lip, then their top, then graze your tongue slightly under the lower lip.

11. Don’t give a hickey. Neck kisses are cool, bites are middle school. A love bite is not a love bite, just a weird bite. Bite the lower lip seductively at most, if you’re feeling that “Twilight” urge.


12. Use the tongue sparingly. Please do not jam it down someone’s throat.

13. Kiss him down his forehead vertically along his own face, along the slope of his nose, and finally the lips. #slowandsteadywinstherace

14. Play with neck kisses, because they are amazing, and carry a ton of nerves. Way hotter than a hickey, right?

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